Bell Pepper


Bell Pepper

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Red, green, and yellow are all the great arrays of colored peppers we gladly sell here at Kojis Produce! Dice them up to add texture to a salad or cut them into strips to just munch on them, you can do so much with them!


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10 in stock

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When you hear peppers, you most likely automatically think of spicy, but with these bell peppers that isn’t the case. Christopher Columbus had given the name Bell Peppers to them, which makes people compare it to a regular pepper, making them believe that they are spicy, but that isn’t the case with these beautifully colored peppers. Although their true taste is somewhat sweet with a crunch when you bite into them, you can also purchase pickled peppers! Pickled peppers are submerged in vinegar, and salted water with herbs and spices placed in with them. They are great to add to mostacholes, or casserole if you are looking for a bit more spice that the Bell Peppers lack.


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