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Brussel Sprouts

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Round and green, they are the enemy of almost every child under the age of 10. And sometimes even after the age of 10! Brussel sprouts are known as the little green shrubs, that look like a tiny cabbage head. Which makes sense as it is a part of the cabbage family. To many young kids this vegetable seems totally off the plate, but it is rather delicious!


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10 in stock

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The Brussel Sprout is a known member of the Gemmifera Group of cabbages, which is why they look so similar. They are believed to be originated from Ancient Rome, and have been growing since as early as the 13th century! That’s one old vegetable. And growing them here in Wisconsin is no easy feat, as they will only last about 3 weeks in freezing conditions before they start to wilt and gain discolorations. They’re small and green description does no justice to it’s amazing and simply out of this world taste, although your kids are likely to be resistant to even the thought of these delicious tasting vegetables. Although a delicious way to eat these little fellows is by steaming them and adding them into any dish you’d like, as they add a great amount of texture and taste anything they are introduced to.


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