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These ball shaped fruits don’t look all that sweet and tender, but after cutting one in half you are in for the time of your life! The sweet, juicy taste of this fruit is sure to be a must for an fruit salad you plan on making. Or of course, just to be eaten by itself, after all it is that good!


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10 in stock

Description :

Deriving from India around the 1890’s, it sure hasn’t lost an ounce of its juiciness and sweet flavoring. Cutting into this fruit you’ll find a tender orange part, full of juices and ready to be cut up and eaten. This fruit is great in a dish with other fruits because it helps bring out all the other sweet flavors around it, along with adding a soft texture to the mix. Not to mention Cantaloup is 90% water! That’s right, 90%! That is crazy, but will just fuel you to stuff yourself with more of this due to it’s healthy nature and sweet taste and juicy texture. So don’t let its outer shell put you off, once you give this fruit a chance and cut into it you’ll be in for the treat of your life!


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